Saturday, November 21, 2015

Finished and Un-

It's been a busy week over here.  These first two were sold and shipped out.  "City Garden" and "Going The Distance" .  Cake song stuck in my head:)

 I think I'm done with this one.  It was painted with a kitchen spatula and a sponge; fun times.
 Ta Da!  Up in the restaurant these big paintings look like babies.
 My first commission of this kind.  This is in Palmyra New York, and the client wanted a lot of autumn colors peeking through.  I think the reason I was finally able to finish this (I had started and then repainted over three surfaces) is because my friend gave me wings to used my own style.
 This one was fun and it's all varnished and glossy.  Would love to see this on a large scale (this one's 8x10).
 Um, almost finished except that I'll have to repaint the whole thing.  Unless you're a fan of authenticity in which case the real flecks of barn wood that are trapped in the glaze might just be your thing:)  Just kidding, this was a commission as well.
 Done, but a little wild for me.  It's a 6x6 panel Gerratt....
 I'm liking the concept of this one, but the dark areas overwhelm it.  This one will end up being a collaboration.
 I like the colors and drips and movement in this one, but the white areas are out of balance...still working on it.
 I don't mind the colors on this, but the piece needs texture in a bad way.  I might try to fix what I have or I might just texture the whole canvas and start fresh.
 this one is interesting, especially when it's placed different directions; will need some help here.
Ugh.  I was gifted a painting that had already been textured and then I kind of ruined it:(  Paint -over pile for you.  I wanted to end on a positive, so next week I'll upload a painting that I thought was finished, but I'll be adding some metallics to it, should be great:)  Also, I'll start working on a much larger scale...much larger, so look forward to some more finished and unfinished pieces next week.

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