Tuesday, June 2, 2015

 Ahhh, first, let me explain that I cannot for the life of me remember where I last left off!  This first painting was done a couple of years ago and spent the last month in my local gallery's spring art show.  It's a personal favorite that I've titled "Abide".
 Now for the meat:  I spent this winter in and out of the hospital for various surgeries and trying to get a diagnosis for some serious illnesses.  The short and sweet of it all goes something like this: I had three surgeries, went 43 days without eating or drinking anything, and only remember a few hours from an about 12 week period.  Miraculous, yes, absolutely.  Completely physically and emotionally draining, YES!!!  As my body began to heal and I was able to tolerate foods and do more than sleep, I started to get a *bit* down (definitely an understatement:)).  After some thought, I picked up my brushes and broke out the paints; it had been about three years since I had worked on anything of this nature.  I was drawn to a childrens' book called, "Sleep Like A Tiger" with illustrations by Pamela Zagarenski.  This was a daunting piece given its complexities and the fact that it had been so long since I had painted.  I should explain that in the past I have been know to paint with a manic fury:)  I would start and finish a piece in one sitting.  Often that meant the "chair of neglect":) (it's really just the highchair with lots of Ritz crackers:)) for the youngest child, and cereal for dinner and an over-all atmosphere of "fend for yourself!"  If I felt like painting at night, then I wouldn't sleep.   Back to the present.  I didn't have the ENERGY to do much of anything for four months or so.  I started this painting (the tiger one) and left it up in my studio/kitchen and walked by it multiple times each day and got to see it in different lights.  I felt peaceful each time I looked at it and could see potential. I could see where I could make changes and that any part of it could be re-worked and that in the end it would be a completed piece.  (One million metaphors here:))  I WAS really please with the way it turned out and I felt encouraged to work more.  My fabulous cousin's husband graciously let me use his photographs for reference, and pretty much, I've been at it since:)  I've felt inspired and guided to paint certain subjects for certain people and have felt immense satisfaction in creating.  I try to stay busy and will work on one or two pieces each week.

 This was my first ever pet-commission, although from what I understand this is no ordinary horse, but a tornado survivor as well.

And this is the piece I'm currently working on.  It's cheery and peaceful and THAT says a lot for me!

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