Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Verdict......

Dun dun dunnnnn...I think I like the crazy painting better. It's more my style. Let's just be honest for a second; I can't REALLY hibernate, but I can only deal with total chaos in my kitchen/studio for a short period of time. Today I got busy and: finished the flower painting, complete with glaze, completed three min. pieces. About those minis... the matching two are called "Virtue and Grace" and I'm interested in doing a complete series of similar paintings. I love mixed media, I love powerful words, and I love painting. The last (I'm not sure the order these will appear on here) was titled "secret garden" however it kind of got ruined as I was finishing it up. Apparently water-based ink doesn't do well with the acrylic medium I was using...that or I should have waited for the ink to dry completely:( It's good to learn from your mistakes right?


  1. the secret garden one is my favorite! i don't think it looks ruined at all. i love it.

  2. Deb,
    I love you and I love your art! Thank you for creating such beautiful art and sharing it with us on your blog! Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one!

  3. Wow. I had no idea you were such an amazing artist. You art is beautiful, Debbie. We will have to have you make a custom piece for our home. I feel so honored to call you a friend.

    Much love,